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RAS has successfully provided Foreclosure creditors’ rights representation to its clients since its inception and consistently exhibits industry leading compliance standards and exceeds client performance expectations.  RAS understands that there is no one-size fits all approach to foreclosures.  Your Attorney needs to know his or her cases and identify opportunities for resolution through the use of different methods.  On a monthly basis, RAS will provide each client with a uniquely tailored status report that provides details as to where each case is currently pending and which items are currently delaying the foreclosure timeline.


Senior management and firm attorneys pride themselves in their litigation experience. Our staff has been successful from the State Court through the Appellate Courts, from routine legal matters to complex litigation. RAS recognizes the need to protect our Clients before litigation arises, thus every attempt is made to resolve as many issues as possible short of litigation. We are experts in creative problem resolution. Prior to any complex litigation, RAS will provide you with a written budget detailing the expected services to be performed and the corresponding costs to you for those services. When appropriate, RAS will also evaluate the case and prepare a written case analysis. RAS believes that by this procedure you can select a strategy which meets your needs. Further it allows you to understand the direction and control the costs of anticipated litigation. The firm understands the importance of trust and reliability which is why our clients have direct contact with our attorneys and can rely on our attorneys to be approachable, responsive and knowledgeable.


RAS specializes in Bankruptcy management for real estate lenders, auto lenders, and consumer credit.  One of RAS’s keys to success is to recognize that Bankruptcy matters don’t always fall into the same bucket; each process must be managed with a unique approach.  RAS provides cradle-to-grave bankruptcy service to Clients on a 50 state basis.  When Servicer is advised of the Bankruptcy filing, RAS receives notice to review the case and determine the scope of representation necessary to protect Servicer’s interests.  Once reviewed, RAS engages in a dynamic process flow for those tasks to be performed, coordinates the necessary documents, and obtains other evidentiary support required to prepare its filings/motions.  RAS will handle and monitor the bankruptcy from referral to resolution.

RAS Portfolio Management

Lawsuits are increasingly managed as a portfolio from a legal perspective, it is less well appreciated that these claims provide opportunity for asset and liability portfolio management from a financial economic and even an investment management perspective. And while for most companies this would fall mainly onto the liability side of the balance sheet, the increasing prevalence of company-as-claimant, patent litigation and plaintiff recovery programs brings the portfolio problem squarely into the realm of asset and liability management.

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ALTA Best Practices’ certified RAS Title ( is owned and operated by a Licensed Florida Attorney with over 20 years’ experience in the title industry and is managed by our Title Attorney, Title Manager, and Florida Licensed Title Agent with over 75 years combined experience involving Residential and Commercial real estate property transactions, with a specialization in REO (real estate owned), purchase/sale, refinance, short sale, and loan modification. RAS Title is an affiliate of Robertson, Anschutz & Schneid, PL.


RAS attorneys can assist mortgage lenders in obtaining possession of the property following recovery of an asset. The RAS eviction department has processes in place to track and meet all federal and statutory requirements. RAS’s average timeline from referral to completion is 65 days, as compared to the Freddie Mac State average of 130 days. The foreclosure eviction process is based on accuracy and a well calendared system. We provide landlord tenant evictions on rental properties.


The Firm has developed a governance model that has placed with its Compliance Department the task of implementing and coordinating operating procedures, providing clarity in hierarchical flows of control, and managing the compliance program. The Compliance Department presides over the following functions: